The Bread Factory & Wildfarmed The Bread Factory & Wildfarmed

The Bread Factory & Wildfarmed

We’re thrilled to announce a remarkable collaboration between The Bread Factory and Wildfarmed.


At the heart of this partnership is a shared commitment to sustainable, healthy, and flavourful food production.


Our joint venture introduces an exclusive range of artisanal bread products, combining The Bread Factory’s baking expertise with Wildfarmed’s responsibly grown flours.

This exciting launch features a range of sourdoughs, dinner rolls, and burger buns, each offering unique, rustic crusts, richly complex flavours, and high nutritional value.


But what is really Wildfarmed? And what do they do? Wildfarmed fields are full of birds, bugs and bees, making our regenerative flour full of life - better for taste, nutrition and environmental impact.


Founded in 2018 by Andy Cato, George Lamb and Edd Lees, Wildfarmed makes food the right way through pioneering regenerative farming. Creators of the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards, the first third-party audited standards in the UK for arable farmers, the organisation champions bringing biodiversity back into our fields making them full of life once more.


Wildfarmed wheat is grown in line with these Standards to guarantee the gold standard of regenerative agriculture for all Wildfarmed flour. As a result, it is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and grown alongside companion and cover crops restoring biodiversity, soil and ecosystem health.

Farmers are provided with a proven, commercial roadmap combining food security and nutritional quality whilst restoring their soils.


The Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards ensure flexibility for growers and genuinely regenerative outcomes for customers allowing them to become part of the solution to the world’s most complex problem: climate change.


Wildfarmed’s regenerative crops have transformed the food system where everyone in the supply chain is rewarded fairly, including consumers who no longer have to choose between food that tastes good or food that is good for the planet. By growing with nature, Wildfarmed is tackling climate change, and changing the future of food for good.