Why choose The Bread Factory? Why choose The Bread Factory?

Why choose The Bread Factory?

In 1993, our founder Gail Stephens decided to turn back the clock on industrialised baking practices and bake bread as it used to be baked: by hand, using quality ingredients and time-worn artisanal methods.

We’ve come a long way since those days of Gail bringing together a handful of London’s best bakers. Yet the stuff that matters – our ethos, suppliers, skill and our decades-old sourdough starter cultures – hasn’t changed. We’re still baking many of the original breads we baked at the beginning, but we’re baking plenty of new breads now—as well as viennoiserie and cakes—on a daily basis too. We’re still delivering to some of the best chefs and retailers in London , but we’re also now going a bit further afield too.

Fundamentally though, over 25 years on since our founding, we still strongly believe in that original mission—giving more people better access to the best-quality baked goods.

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